I'm Meg

Ontological Coach, Trainer, & Facilitator

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I stand for a democracy and politics that is rooted in justice, anti-racism, equity, and restoration where all life has what it needs to thrive and live joyous lives.

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The work you’re doing to protect, iterate, and improve our democracy is a courageous key component to making our world more just, anti-racist, equitable, resilient, and joyful. As a coach for progressive candidates and democracy champions, I have had the joy of working with Brand New Congress, Moms in Office, and ofbyfor.


I know this work can feel like a lot to carry.

That’s why I’m here: to support you, the progressive democracy champions, wonks, nerds, and innovators, to expand and advocate for the possibilities of democratic representation -- without burning out in the process -- because we need you in this for the long-haul.



I often get asked how I got into politics after spending a decade working in crisis intervention. It just so happens there's a lot of crisis in politics, especially right now.


But at the heart of these challenging moments is the most profound possibility for change. All we need to do is lean in and not look away -- which is easier said than done -- and that is where I come in. 

As an ICF certified coach, I will help you move towards your desired outcomes with more efficacy, clarity, focus, and ease so that you can create the more just, equitable, resilient, and joyous world we seek.  


At my most authentic...


I can be found swing dancing, camping in the Nova Scotia wilderness, and swimming any chance I get. I love making pancakes on the weekend and add pickles or sauerkraut to almost every meal. 


I will sing every song that is played on the radio even if I don’t know the words and I spend way too much money on house plants yet never remember to water them. 

One day I would love to hike the full Appalachian Trail, see Ranked Choice Voting used everywhere, and in my wildest dreams would love to study with Pema Chodron & adrienne maree brown.


I currently live on Miꞌkmaq territory in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

I come from a long line of suffragettes & feminists.

This is my great, great, great, aunt in her full power and I have no doubt these ancestors are subtlety influencing my work.

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