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Megan Beliveau

I go by Meg for short and I support
progressive democracy nerds, systems-change enthusiasts, misfits, quiet dreamers, and innovators to live joy-inspired lives while making their most meaningful contributions to their community.


Here's what clients say:


Chris Riley

"The coaching program, Meg, and her team are invaluable! Meg helped me not only professionally, but personally as well. Her coaching helped strengthen my leadership skills. I left more confident in myself and my decisions." 

- Candidate Engagement Director, Brand New Congress - 

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Times are energized and uncertain.

We are part of a system that’s not serving the people or planet in the way we want, polarization increasing, and global temperatures on the rise. 

You see possibility.

There are opportunities you see to support a more thriving, collaborative, harmonious, joy-filled existence - new ways of being in the world.  


Let's make it happen.

You have unique gifts, talents, and skills that contribute to the world. Let's stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zones and reimagine what is possible. 

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Here's how I can help:

1:1 Coaching Sessions.

Save time, get clear, and make your change making work a little easier. See my current offerings here - and sign up for a free intro session here.

Women Candidate or Campaign Staff?

Get custom-designed high-impact support women and gender oppressed folks, who are stepping into their creative power: Women Forward Coaching


Compassion Skills Training

Learn how to consistently build spaces of trust and collaboration in challenging situations with Compassion Skills Training.

Why Coaching?

Coaching takes you past your stopping points.

Instead of staying stuck in indecision or familiar patterns that are no longer working, coaching can support you to... 


experience rest + leisure as essential in change work,

get super clear about what’s most important,

come to decision points with more ease,

 and take actions based in your integrity.

It can actually be enjoyable.


I’ve witnessed clients save themselves months of overthinking and inaction. Coaching helps you flip the script and makes it possible to create impacts for the change you seek while not depleting your energy stores.


You'll respond to urgency without feeling rushed. 


^ Yes, read that again!  When I was first trained in crisis intervention, I was trained by paramedics who taught me that you never run on the scene of any accident - you walk - because if you run 1) you are more likely to miss important details and information 2) it is harder to work at peak effectiveness when ramped up.


I experienced this principle in action and learned it's importance. I believe slowing down to be with the discomfort present in uncertainty is one of the most useful skills in systems-change work today. 


Bayo Akomolafe asks, "What if the ways we respond to crisis is part of the crisis?" The folks I serve are often tired and strained by the urgency of the change they are seeking and asking questions like that of Bayo's, often looking for new ways of being. I offer support in shifting from fear and nervousness to creativity, ease, and joy. 

Coaching is distinct.

  • Therapy supports in healing the past; coaching is about taking action.

  • Consulting offers expert advice; coaching draws forth your own expertise.

  • Mentoring offers wisdom from experience; coaching taps your own wisdom.

  • Training fulfills set learning objectives; coaching clarifies your own objectives.

These are all useful tools -- each supports specific types of outcomes. It is useful to see which tool would be most supportive for you at this given time. Not sure where to start? I would be happy to jump on a call to help clarify which modality will be most supportive for you.


Who I love
working with

I love working with:

  • Folks who are redefining and reimagining the policies, systems, and structures that govern society.

  • Misfits, quiet dreamers, post-activists, and community seekers creating with unique models of living in the world. 

  • People who close the gap between government and it's citizens.

  • Those who center the wisdom found at the at the margins in their systems change work.

  • Folks who work to increase the number of people who are involved in change efforts. 

This often includes: 

  • Progressive candidates, elected officials, and campaign teams championing such policies and changes.

  • Organizations and teams focused on election reform, new models of governance, or innovative policy.   

  • Folks who find themselves at the margins and who amplify the dignity and wisdom found there.

  • People who are familiar with or interested in de-centralized models of governance & leadership. 

  • Facilitators, mediators, and project managers who are helping usher in new ways of being in collaboration, connection, and community with others. 


If you have read this far and are still interested, but aren't quite sure where to start, let's find time to chat.

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A note from me 6-8 times a year (no more, likely less), sharing updates on the projects, offerings + democracy musings. 

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