Megan Beliveau
Coaching for Democracy

I go by Meg for short, and I coach progressive democracy champions, nerds, wonks, innovators, and movement leaders like you to make your most meaningful impacts for systemic change.

As a coach, I help my clients to expand and advocate for the possibilities of democratic representation -- without burning out in the process.
(Because gosh-golly, we need you in this for the long haul.)

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Here's what clients say:


Rebecca Parson

“Meg has been a huge help in my run for Congress. Her training as a coach, empathy, and perceptiveness have helped me work through many challenges. I highly recommend Meg to anyone looking for a coach who brings a welcome light-heartedness to challenges and an orientation towards action.

- 2020 & 2022 Congressional Candidate, WA's 6th -

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​These times are highly energized.

You’re seeing a system that’s not serving the people, polarization that’s increasing, and global temperatures that are rising. 


You see a possibility for our world.

You know we are capable of improving democracy and you urgently want to see a world where all life is fully supported to thrive. 

That’s why I’m here:

to help democracy champions, nerds, wonks, and innovators expand and advocate for the possibilities of democratic representation -- without burning out.

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Here's how I can help:

1:1 Coaching Sessions.

Save time, get clear, and make your change making work a little easier. See my current offerings here - and sign up for a free intro session here

Women Candidate or Campaign Staff?

Get custom-designed high-impact support for your women-led, progressive candidates and campaigns with Women Forward Coaching


Compassion Skills Training

Learn how to consistently build spaces of trust and collaboration with Compassion Skills Training  where you will learn how to navigate challenging situations while not martyring yourself in the process.  

Why Coaching?

Coaching takes you past your stopping points.

Instead of staying stuck in indecision or grinding through your to do list, with my coaching support, you’ll... 


get super clear about what’s most important

come to decision points more quickly, and

take actions based in your integrity with more ease.

It saves you time and energy.


While coaching inspiring leaders in our democracy, I’ve witnessed clients save themselves months and even years of overthinking and inaction. Coaching helps you flip the script and makes it possible to create big impacts while also not depleting your energy stores.


You'll respond to urgency without feeling rushed. 


^ Yes, read that again!  When I was first trained in crisis intervention, I was trained by paramedics who taught me that you never run on the scene of any accident - you walk - because if you run 1) you are more likely to miss important details and information 2) it is harder to work at peak effectiveness when ramped up.


I experienced this principle in action and learned it's importance. I now believe slowing down to speed up is one of the most critical skills needed in systems-change work today. 


The folks I serve are often tired and strained by the urgency of the change they are seeking. I help them shift from fear and nervousness to resilience, creativity, and ease. As a result they have breakthroughs around responding to the urgent needs of our time more efficiently and effectively.


In the wise words of adrienne maree brown, "it is urgent thinking that got us in this mess - it won't be that same type of thinking that gets us out."


Coaching is distinct.

  • Therapy is about healing the past; coaching is about taking action.

  • Consulting offers expert advice; coaching draws forth your own expertise.

  • Mentoring offers wisdom from experience; coaching taps your own wisdom.

  • Training fulfills set learning objectives; coaching clarifies your own objectives.


Here's what I want you to know:

  • The discomfort you’re feeling is a sign you’re leveling up — not evidence that you're falling behind.

  • Those anxious and worried feelings get better when you take the first step

  • The discomfort of not doing anything is far worse than doing something. 

  • You have an essential part to play in creating and reimagining what democracy can be.

  • You already have everything you need to get started - it may simply be a matter of uncovering it.

  • This democracy (or lack there of) needs you.


If you have read this far and are still interested, but aren't quite sure where to start, let's find time to chat.