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I'm Meg.(she/they)
Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, and Mediator

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I support progressive democracy nerds, systems-change enthusiasts, misfits, quiet dreamers, and innovators to live joy-inspired lives while making their most meaningful contributions to community.

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The work being done to protect, iterate, and improve our democracy  is a key component to making our world more equitable, awe-inspired, and joyful.


As a coach, I support my clients to expand and advocate for the possibilities of democratic representation from a place of joy. 

As an ICF certified coach and facilitator, I help my clients move towards desired outcomes with more efficacy, clarity, and ease so that you can create the world we seek.  


At my most authentic...

When not nerding out to innovative systems-change, I can be found swing dancing, camping in the Nova Scotia wilderness, swimming, and napping as a revolutionary act🙃. I love making pancakes on the weekend and I love adding pickles or sauerkraut to almost any meal.


I addition to my work as a coach, I train crisis counselors & therapists in intervention skills and work for a non-profit you probably have heard of as an Assistant Director. 

One day I would love to run a full triathlon, to see Democratic Lotteries used everywhere, and create knobs for my kitchen cupboards out of clay in the ecohousing community I have recently moved into with my partner Matt.


I am inspired by the many teachers in my life and am currently pulled to the works of Pema Chodron and adrienne maree brown, and Bayo Akomolafe among many others. 


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