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Here's a few samples of what it is like to work with me: 


Rebecca Parson

“Meg has been a huge help in my run for Congress. Her training as a coach, empathy, and perceptiveness have helped me work through many challenges. I highly recommend Meg to anyone looking for a coach who brings a welcome light-heartedness to challenges and an orientation towards action.

- 2020 & 2022 Congressional Candidate, WA's 6th -

Kim Williams

“Meg helps me bring my best strengths forward and cast out doubts. She is my sounding board and cheerleader. Post-campaign, I don't think I would have ever landed my dream job in my dream city without her.


- 2020 Congressional Candidate, CA's 16th -

Robb Ryerse

"Meg did an amazing job at the BNC Summit. The coaching skills training was so well-received by candidates. One mentioned that they felt a palpable sense of peace come over the room after Megan led us through an exercise."

- BNC Executive Director - 

George Zisiadis

"Working with Meg has allowed me to step out of ingrained behaviors and beliefs that weren't serving me or my work. I've stopped habitually generating so much anxiety, frustration, and struggle. In their place, Meg has helped me cultivate an embodied feeling of ease and grace with which to approach my work and life. It's been great!"

- Co-Founder ofbyfor

Ignatius Nguyen

Em Dunne

"Through Megan’s coaching, many old patterns that kept me stuck came to light. I was faced with subtle procrastination habits and people pleasing behavior that was fear-based that prevented me from achieving my goals. My favorite thing in working with Megan is how she is able to skillfully guide you to solutions that you had in you all along."

- Multidisciplinary Millennial Mobilizer -

"Meg helped me clear away the fog of perfectionism and anxiety to take meaningful action to achieve big dreams and goals that previously felt impossible."

- Educator  - 

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